Our Services


Business Affairs

  • Chain of Title review
  • Sales Agency Agreements
  • Financing Term Sheets / Film Financing
  • Collection Account Management Agreements (CAMA)
  • Distribution / License Agreements 
  • Notary Services


  • External:  Document review
  • Internal:  Project-specific, such as Paid Ad Statements, Billing Blocks, and more
  • Post production: Negotiating delivery schedules and lab deals
  • Final delivery: Comprehensive management for feature film, including business and marketing elements

marketing & publicity

  • Film Festival consultation
  • Comprehensive and effective positioning and strategy for feature films
  • Creation and production of marketing materials (posters, trailers, TV spots, websites, out-of-home & digital media)
  • Social media and digital asset creation, implementation, and management
  • Draft, revise, and service press releases
  • Marketing budget creation and maintainence, including management of media planning for traditional & digital outlets
  • Award campaign creation and execution for above and below-the-line categories (Oscar, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Awards, etc.)

rights management

  • Integration and Maintenance of Rights availability
  • Start/end date tracking and windowing



For more information about these and other services we offer, please inquire directly.